New Release: A Novelette That Grabs You by the Gut

The Disappearance of Tom Nero concerns a young man’s investigation into the impossible disappearance of a friend. As he learns more about the circumstances and searches for answers, the re-emergence of a metatextual horror from legend puts not only him, but his new lover, in jeopardy.

The story explores themes of contagious and invasive thoughts, disappearances, as well as the relationship between reality and the written word. It is uniquely structured, with a variety of clues hidden in the text for the savvy reader—but beware, for the horror might not only affect the characters in the story…it may also affect the reader themselves…

Goodreads Synopsis

“TJ Price’s The Disappearance of Tom Nero gleefully worms its way out of the four corners of its pages to burrow beneath your skin. A story of mysterious vanishings, cryptic utterances, and disquieting ideas, this novelette will not only bring you along for an ominous ride, but will instill within your consciousness an esoteric dread that will fester in the back of your mind long after your eyes take in its final words—your curiosity itching for knowledge that you know might break you.”

— S. Alessandro Martinez, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Helminth

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Coming in at only 80 pages, The Disappearance of Tom Nero by TJ Price may at first glance seem like a quick and easy horror novelette to consume; however, it is a calculated and intricately formatted literary adventure. Ideal for fans of House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, this novelette feels like an adventure that you have to piece together page by page.

I highly suggest picking up the physical copy if you can! The book design is most impactful and a joy to read in this format.

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