Available for Pre-Order: Kaleidoscopic Shades – Within Black Eternity by David A. Neuman

Kaleidoscopic Shades – an indieBRAG Medallion winner and a Literary Titan gold book award winner for outstanding worlds, characters and imagination…

Bob Triplow should have known better in having escaped the horrors of childhood, but he could not have ever known he had passed them onto his son, Joshua… and that the comforts of Corona, California, were a mirage.

On September 7th 2022, both father and son find themselves propelling headlong into a world torn apart by horrific visions and memories, elements that should not be, that had no right to be. A world in which Bob will struggle for his sanity, while his son, a boy of just ten, fights to seize the hands of time… to put an end to the madness rippling across the endless vacuum of space… threatening the very fabric of existence itself.

Neuman deserves high praise for taking his readers on this surreal journey, drawing them in from the opening page and giving them an investment in seeing what happens to the characters they have befriended. It’s completely unforgettable and one of the best books of 2022, leaving you mulling over possibilities for days to come.

Goodreads Synopsis

The new edition of Kaleidoscopic Shades – Within Black Eternity by David A. Neuman is available for pre-order starting today, April, 20, 2023! If you are interested in a highly psychological and hallucinogenic thrill ride, then this book is the perfect pick for you.

Pre-Order Here

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