This Collection of Horror Tales Has Something for Everyone


In the Place Where The Bad Kids Go, a boys’ basketball camp gets a substitute counselor, what could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING

In The Journal of Dr. J.T. Martian, Doctor Martian is confronted with a baby that has a fatal condition, only for the child to be miraculously healed moments later. Join Doctor Martian as he is confronted by the horror behind this miracle and ask yourself this question, is there anything worse then death?

River of Sorrows takes place in the small Michigan town of Juliet, there have been a number of seemingly unconnected suicides. But, Detective Carrie Sanddrum sees a pattern. But, will she have enough time to get to the bottom of what’s happening before anyone else dies?

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Forbidden Tales by Luke Kennith Xavier is a collection of three horrific tales that vary in their degrees of scare. I appreciated how different each story was from the next and am positive that readers will find enjoyment in any of the three stories. Xavier’s writing is fluid and beautiful, and this collection impossible to put down!

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Forbidden Tales by Luke Kennith Xavier is a unique collection of three horror shorts. I found that all three shorts were widely different from the next, and I enjoyed the variety. My personal favorite story from the collection was From the Journal of Dr. J.T. Martian. This story focuses on a baby who has a fatal condition, but is healed, only for the doctor to find out that there is horror behind the supposed “miracle” of the healing of the baby. This story felt very gothic, and I enjoyed the slow eeriness that built as the story progressed.

In the short story, The Place Where the Bad Kids Go, a boys’ basketball camp turns into a nightmare when they get a new substitute counselor. This story felt very Stephen King-esque, and Xavier’s writing style echoed that of the King as well. This story felt most like classic horror to me out of the three shorts, and I am sure it is going to be a favorite of readers.

The last story, River of Sorrows, was less horror, and more crime related. It follows Detective Carrie Sanddrum who is investigating a string of suicides that they feel are connected. The story is a race against time as the detective tries to solve the case before anyone else dies. This short was clearly a nod to Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes: however, I felt that it was a bit too similar to King’s work. There is a fine line between paying homage to another writer and imitating their work. Xavier is a beautiful writer, and I would like to see him take more faith in his writing into his own hands.

Xavier’s skillful writing makes Forbidden Tales very entertaining. I appreciated how different the stories were from one another, and I am sure that readers will find enjoyment in one, if not all, of the stories. If you are a fan of horror short stories, you will not be disappointed!

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