A New Horror Anthology Perfect for Spooky Season 2022

Autumn Tales is a different kind of anthology. It is a horror anthology with heart.

It is a horrifying collection of ghastly tales told by some of the most influential and affluent new authors in paranormal and horror. In Autumn Tales, the authors use the needle of words and the thread of fear to stitch a tapestry so dark it shadows every nightmare you ever had.

And the best part is – All royalties from Amazon orders are going to help endangered children! That’s right; the authors are donating 100% of royalties made from Amazon purchases to Collective Liberty, a non-profit organization that is in the trenches of the battle against Human Trafficking!

These 10 amazing authors have given so much of their time and energy to bring this book together because this is a cause that we all believe in.

Won’t you join us?

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Autumn Tales is a well written horror anthology of slow burn short stories. It has a mild spooky rating and would be perfect for anyone interested in exploring the horror genre this spooky season.

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Horror anthologies are often some of the best works of literary horror, in my opinion, because it can often be difficult to carry the scare factor throughout a full-length novel. Short stories often serve up that scare factor more intensely, and when they are well written, they can really pack a punch. Autumn Tales does just that. While I found many of the stories to be slow burn scares, they somehow wound their way under my skin and left me with a sense of dread that has lasted for long after I finished the last page.

Autumn Tales consists of 10 short stories by 10 authors who are said to be some of the most influential new authors in horror and the paranormal. I was not familiar with any of the authors upon starting this anthology, but I am so happy to have met them through their short stories. Each author had their own voice and used terror expertly to feed the reader with writing that consumed the reader’s attention.

One of the best things about this anthology is that each story is vastly different from the next. No two stories followed the same style or featured similar story elements, and I found myself wanting more from each author after completing their stories. Long-term horror fans will find this anthology enjoyable and surprising, and new readers to the genre will be introduced to it in the best way.

I especially appreciate how each purchase of this anthology will go to fighting human trafficking, as that is a cause near and dear to my heart.

It is clear that each author put their hearts into their stories due to the cause that this anthology has been made to support. My favorite short story from the collection is probably Lady of the House, because it filled me with the most dread and terror, in such a short frame of time. However, I do have to say that I am fan of extreme horror and tend to go for the stories that will horrify me the most, and this short story more than pulled it off.

The beauty of Autumn Tales is that it doesn’t need to be read from cover to cover. The reader can choose which story they would like to read from the list at the beginning of the book and move forward. My advice is to go in blind with reading this anthology without expecting anything, and you will be the most surprised.

Autumn Tales is a literary gem that will be perfect for this spooky season, as well as the spooky seasons to come. This anthology was created with a good cause in mind, and I wholeheartedly support it. No matter what level of horror fan you are, there is something for you in Autumn Tales, and it will stay with you for long after you finish it.

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