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Welcome to The Horror Maven! My name is Ashley Nestler, MSW, and I am the horror enthusiast behind this blog. I am a survivor of multiple mental illnesses, including severe anxiety, and I have found that horror is an effective therapy for helping me to manage my symptoms. Horror allows me to release my anxiety and fear, while helping me feel as though I have some control over it.

I chose to start this blog to highlight the horror genre in the media after I found that it was particularly difficult to find highlighted horror novels that weren’t just written by Stephen King. My blog is designed to bring you new horror authors and books to discover, as well as any horror movies and television shows that you might find hard to find elsewhere.

I am also an advocate for indie authors and particularly love to review indie horror novels that I find are hidden gems in the literary world. Apart from reviews I will be offering giveaways, author interviews, and updating you on upcoming horror movies and novels.

I hope that you find as much comfort in horror as I do, and that you can find some comfort in my blog!

Much love,

Ashley Nestler, MSW

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