Book Tour: Crevasse by Clay Vermulm

Happy Friday, Horror Bibliophiles!

I am so excited to be taking part in the Crevasse by Clay Vermulm book tour and share the book with you today. Below is information about the book and a book trailer, along with my review!


Ashley Nestler, MSW

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Crevasse by Clay Vermulm

High altitude climbing is difficult enough without supernatural creatures thrown into the mix. Unfortunately for Greg and Quinn, they may have stumbled into just such a situation. A few days into their week-long trek, they begin noticing strange occurrences. Voices outside their tent, a mysterious hiker off in the distance, and a predator that might be the end of them.

When they don’t arrive home as expected, Greg’s godmother, Ellie Jensen, starts to worry. A search and rescue veteran with years of expertise in the Southern Picket Mountain Range, she sets off in pursuit of the young mountaineers.

Five hundred feet above safety and one thousand feet below it, can two young climbers manage survive long enough for help to arrive, or will they become yet more mysterious disappearances on the high mountain peaks?

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About the Author

Born on the frigid, windswept plains of Cut Bank, Montana, Clay has now set down proverbial stakes in the Pacific Northwest where he likes to climb rocks on the days it’s not raining. For the other ninety-eight percent of the year, he enjoys writing, reading, and playing board games with his partner Deanna as his cat criticizes his every life decision from her carpeted tree palace.

Clay decided to turn his writing hobby into a writing career in November of 2020. Since then, he has written thousands of words, eight short stories, two novels, and his novella Crevasse, which was picked up by City Stone publishing in November 2021 (November is apparently a good month).

Aside from writing, Clay has also created and produced one season of his podcast Sinister Soup, climbed Half Dome in Yosemite Valley and gotten engaged to the love of his life (also in November, for the record). If you want to know more than that, you’ll have to join his newsletter (

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Quick Take

Crevasse is a thrilling wilderness themed horror story that I cannot recommend enough for fans of survival horror. I flew through it and found the story all consuming. Pick it up when you get the chance, you are in for a treat!

Tell Me More

Crevasse by Clay Vermulm is a quick survival horror read about two individuals, Greg and Quinn, who are on a weeklong high altitude climbing trek. Unfortunately, their wilderness trek becomes a nightmare when they are bombarded by supernatural forces. The pair do not return from their trek when they are expected, which alerts Greg’s godmother – a rescue veteran – and she sets off to find them.

Even though this novel is only 112 pages, it really packed a punch. It made me feel isolated and haunted, and I really felt like I was in Greg and Quinn’s shoes as the story went on. Clay Vermulm is clearly experienced in high altitude climbing and his experience added to how realistic the story was.

Due to how short the story was, there was not time for filler, which intensified the terror elements. If you are in the mood for a quick, terrifying read than look no further than Crevasse by Clay Vermulm.

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