Join My Book Club

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I am excited to announce that I I just joined Fable – a free book club app that you can get on any of your devices, as well as access online.

My profile can be viewed here.

On the app, I just created a horror-centric book club called “Horror Lovers Unite!” and the first book we will be reading together is No Exit by Taylor Adams starting November 1, 2022.

I want to personally invite you to join my book club! Each month we will be reading a different horror novel and sharing our thoughts with each other. The Fable app allows you to share your thoughts, quotes, and questions about the monthly book with other members, and this is a great way to get to know other bibliophiles with similar interests.

If you need any help signing up for the app or finding me my horror book club, comment on this post and I will be happy to help you!

Much love,

Ashley Nestler, MSW

The Horror Maven

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